Many people may automatically picture large cities when they think of the United States of America, like sunny Los Angeles, energetic New York, elegant Boston, and creative San Francisco, to mention a few.

So, is travel to the US now permitted? To travel to the US, do we require a tourist visa? Here is all you need to know about the US tourist visa, including its duration, costs, application process, and possibility to be extended.

What is the US tourist visa?

The B-2 visitor visa is the name for the US tourist visa. It is a non-immigrant visa that permits for multiple entry into the nation and a maximum stay in the US of 180 days each visit.

Since the US tourist visa is only available to visitors coming to the country for vacation, visitors are not allowed to work for pay, enroll in school, or conduct business while they are there. Additionally, tourists must take care not to overstay their welcome.

How long is the validity period of the US tourist visa?

The US tourist visa may be valid for one month to ten years after the date of issuance, depending on your nation of residency. The B-2 visa is valid for numerous entries into the US during that time. The duration of the B-2 visa for your nation may be found here.

Is the US tourist visa extendable?

Yes, you can renew your US tourist visa for an extra six months. The following would be necessary in order to extend the duration of your B-2 tourist visa:

Unfinished I-539 form
A current passport
A letter outlining the justification for your request for a visa extension
Evidence of financial assistance
Able to pay the USD 370 extension cost
I-94 card original or photocopy

What are the required documents?

The following papers must be gathered and ready before your visa interview:

Passport required for travel to the United States – Unless specifically exempted by country-specific agreements, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your intended duration of stay in the United States. Each person requiring a visa, including any family members indicated in your passport, must complete a separate application.
Application for a Non-Immigrant Visa, Form DS-160 confirmation page
a receipt for your application fee payment, if you need to make one before your interview.
A current photo; as stated, your submitted photo must meet the specifications for official photographs. If you are unable to upload your photo for whatever reason, you must supply one printed copy of the image in the required format.

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