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Who is it for?

The D2 visa is a residence visa for shareholders/partners of companies (or other type of entities) incorporated in Portugal, which will be converted into a temporary residence permit in Portugal.

Advantages Portugal Business Visa

Holders of a residence permit are entitled to:
• Enter and stay in Portugal and travel within the Schengen area without the need for a visa for a period of
90 days;
• Family reunification, allowing the applicant’s next of kin to benefit from the same advantages as granted to
• Obtain Non-Habitual Resident Status (NHR);
• Access a permanent residence permit in Portugal at the end of five years; or
• Apply for Portuguese citizenship at the end of five years.

Requirements Portugal Business Visa

The D2 visa application requires, among others, the following documents:
a) Proof of having incorporated a legal entity in Portugal; or
b) A business plan to incorporate a company or to make an investment in Portugal.
Note: the full list of documents required for the whole process, as well as the timeline with the necessary steps, will be provided at
the beginning of the contract.


Step 1 - Visa Application

The residence visa must be applied for at the Portuguese Consulate of the country of residence or nationality and is issued, on average, in 2-3 months. At the time of issuing the visa, the Consulate informs about the date of the appointment with SEF (Immigration and Borders Service) in Portugal to obtain the residence permit. The visa entitles you to 2 entries in Portugal and is valid for 120 days, during which time you must relocate to Portugal.


Step 2 - Application for the residence permit

On the date of the appointment with SEF to obtain the residence permit in Portugal, your biometric data (photograph, fingerprints and signature) will be collected.


Step 3 – Receiving the residence card

1-3 months after the appointment, the residence card will be sent to your address in Portugal. Note: the estimated time to complete the entire process will depend on several variables, but on average it will take about 8-9 months from the time the visa is applied for until receiving the residence card.

The residence card

The residence card is valid for 2 years. At the end of these 2 years, you can renew it for an additional period of 3 years. At the end of 5 years you can apply for a permanent residence permit or for Portuguese citizenship. In order to renew the residence card, you should not leave the country for more than 6 consecutive months, or 8 months non-consecutive, during the period of each card. Note: longer absences related to work, assistance to family, health issues, among other reasons, may not prevent the renewal of the residence card, but must be duly informed and proven to SEF. At the time of the application for a permanent residence permit or for Portuguese citizenship, you must prove that you have a basic knowledge of the Portuguese language (level A2).

Family Reunification

Eligible family members:
• The spouse or de facto partner;
• Minor or incapacitated children (natural or adopted) financially dependent on the main applicant,
spouse/partner or couple;
• Single children (natural or adopted) over the age of 18, financially dependent on the main
applicant, spouse/partner or couple, and enrolled in a higher education programme or school
in Portugal;
• Parents and in-laws over 65 years of age, or under 65 if financially dependent on the main applicant,
spouse/partner or couple;
• Underaged siblings if under guardianship granted by the competent authority of the country of origin,
provided that this decision is legally accepted in Portugal.
Adopted children by the main applicant, spouse/partner or couple are eligible, provided that the law of that country grants
adopted children the same rights and duties of a natural child and that the decision is legally accepted in Portugal.
Family reunification for a minor or incapacitated child of one of the spouses ins dependent on the permission of the other parent
or on the decision of a competent authority of the country of origin, provided that this decision is legally accepted in Portugal.

Services included in our proposal

• Obtaining a tax identification number (NIF);
• Tax representation for a period of 1 year. After 1 year, an yearly fee of € 200 will be charged per
• Bank account setup*;
• Entity incorporation;
• Information on the procedure and documents required to obtain the visa and residence permit;
• Review of the documentation required for the visa application;
• Appeal to the Consulate in the case of visa rejection (judicial appeals are not included);
• Scheduling appointments at SEF;
• Preparation of the appointment with SEF to obtain the Residence Permit;
• Assistance in obtaining the required official Portuguese documents;
• Family reunification.
* The bank account will be considered set up when the Bank confirms it is active. From that moment on, any communications
related to obtaining cards, access details, etc., should be directed to the bank account manager. If our intervention is required at
that stage, it will have an additional cost.

Benefits of the Portugal Business Visa

Acquiring a Portugal Business Visa offers several advantages for international business professionals. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Business expansion opportunities: Portugal provides a favorable environment for business growth, with numerous sectors offering investment and collaboration prospects.
  2. Access to the Schengen Area: With a Portugal Business Visa, you can freely travel within the Schengen Area, enabling you to explore multiple European markets without additional visa requirements.
  3. Networking and partnerships: Attend conferences, trade fairs, and business events in Portugal to network with industry experts, potential partners, and clients. For More Details Contact Us
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