Why Finland?

Finland's universities are world-class, the country has beautiful natural views, and the country is filled with rewarding culture and entertainment. The Finnish educational system offers international students an outstanding educational experience and the chance to live and study in a foreign country. International students should seriously consider studying in Finland, as it is a great opportunity. Finland has a thriving industry and a bright future. Steel and metal fabrication, engineering, and papermaking are the major industries in the nation. In recent years, the Finnish information and technology industries have flourished. Besides Finnish, Swedish is also an official language of Finland.

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Bachelors and Masters Admissions

Applying for higher education degree studies in Finland is done online at Studyin-fo.fi. That is also where you can search for the available English-taught degree programme options. There is no application fee, applying is always free. If you are a non-EU student and subject to tuition fees, you can usually apply for a scholarship from the university at the same time when you are applying for ad-mission. Check the fee and scholarship details with the university you are applying to! Requirements

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