Why Czech Republic?

Known for their long-standing reputations, Czech universities offer unique concepts and specialized programs. There is a wide range of traditional as well as newly-emerging disciplines that students can choose from while also coming for a short study visit. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports places a high priority on the quality assurance of various activities of higher education institutions. Czech higher education institutions have over 50,000 international students studying there and their interest is growing with the growing number of study programmes (especially in English) offered in foreign languages.

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Admission Requirements

• The completion of the previous level of study (certificate of graduation from a secondary school for Bachelor's (3 years) and long-cycle Master's degree programmes (5-6 years); Bachelor's degree for a follow-up Master's; Master's degree for a Doctoral study programme) is the basic condition for entry into studies. • If you want to study at a Czech university, you must first get your past studies recognized by the Czech recognition authority. Learn more about the process of having your previous studies recognized • Aside from certified copies of your academic credentials, the minimal entry requirements normally comprise a completed and filed application, proof of payment of the admission procedure cost, and compliance with the specific study program's restrictions (e.g. letter of motivation, letter of recommendation, portfolio, English proficiency test)

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