Getting Married in Dubai

People are getting married more frequently in the UAE, which may be the reason why there are more marriage attorneys in Dubai. Before beginning their new chapter together by applying for a Dubai court marriage certificate, it is also crucial that couples seek out marital counseling services.

In general, marriage is a binding legal agreement between two people. It is constrained by a deal that the two parties made. This is commemorated through a ceremony known as a wedding. Getting Married in Dubai

Civil marriage in Dubai or
Register marriage in Dubai

The event is officiated by a government official, as opposed to a religious marriage, which is officiated by a clergy member.

Even if there is a universal definition of marriage, there are nevertheless subtle differences across nations due to regional cultural differences.

Several Types Of Marriage, As Follows:

Monogamy is the most typical kind of marriage in the world and is prevalent in many cultures. One spouse at a time is involved in this marriage. This style of marriage is seen to be more stable and to experience less difficulties.
When a guy marries more than one woman at a specific time, it is referred to as polygyny. This was typical in prehistoric societies. Although not quite as monogamous, it is nevertheless extremely widespread today. Getting Married in Dubai
This one is quite similar to the previous, however this time it’s a lady who has many husbands. Among those who engage in this type of union are the Marquesan Islanders of Polynesia.

How to Get Married in Dubai

Getting Married in Dubai

If you intend to visit Dubai? Planning your wedding requires you to be as informed as possible about all the legal requirements for getting married in Dubai.

All of the legislation of the United Arab Emirates are established on Sharia Law. An Islamic religious legal system governs all facets of the nation, whether they are public or private. Due to this, there are tight laws in this country regarding marriage and cohabitation between a man and a woman. No of the couple’s faith or nationality, living together before being married is not permitted. Getting Married in Dubai

The only two legal scenarios in which a man and a woman can live together are (a) when they are married, or (b) when they are related. It may be illegal if they are not related and live together in the same house. Only marriage can provide them the freedom to live together, start a family, and have their rights and those of their offspring safeguarded. Getting Married in Dubai

Requirements for marriage in Dubai – Expats Should Prepare for Getting Married in Dubai

Similar to other countries, Dubai has a set of rules for getting married. The couple’s citizenship, nationality, and residency status are the main determining factors. There are some papers that must be submitted, while others need to be certified.

Non-Muslim Expats

The couples must both be at least 18 years old in order to be firstly approved to be legally married or to enter a judicial marriage in Dubai. Second, they must have two witnesses who can prove their identities.

Depending on the aforementioned characteristics (nationality, citizenship, etc.), an embassy or a church may have a number of prerequisites for marriage in Dubai.

However, the usual Dubai court marriage documents that are required by them are the ones below:

  • Original and photocopies of the passports of the couple
  • Birth certificates of the couples to be married Getting Married in Dubai
  • Original and photocopies of the passports of the witnesses
  • Medical fitness certificate and a blood test was taken at the Ministry of Health
  • Former marriage certificates and final divorce papers if one or both of the parties are divorcees
  • Previous Spouse’s death certificate if one or both of the parties are widows

Some nations require couples who want to wed in the UAE to file an application for their desire to marriage. Then, this will be submitted to the relevant embassy or consulate in the nation. The couples must be sure by checking with their respective embassies.

Muslim Expats

For Muslim expats who want to have a Sharia marriage in the UAE, there is a distinct process.

The couple must go to the Dubai Courts website. It is necessary to register, following which a form must be filed. A symbolic number will be provided. Getting Married in Dubai

These are the requirements that are needed to be prepared by the couple to get married in Dubai:

  • There should be at least one person who has an employment or residence visa in Dubai.
  • On the day of marriage, both parties should be there at the Dubai Court.
  • The national ID of the couple
  • Passports of the couple
  • Visa status of the couple
  • Pre-marriage medical certificate

Muslim women must have a guardian and two male witnesses, it should be stated. They are unable to stand in for themselves on their own.

The death certificate of the bride’s father should be shown if he has died away. The bride’s nearest male guardian will thereafter be needed.

The father of the bride may appoint a proxy guardian if he is permitted but is unable to be present on the day of the wedding. The proxy’s religion must be the same as the father’s. Additionally, a documented power of attorney must be shown.

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