Millions of people come to Canada each year, whether it’s to visit friends or family, take in some of the amazing views, or decide if it’s the best country for a long-term relocation. Tourists can stay in Canada for up to six months at a time with a guest visa.

The Canadian government is making a lot of effort to get young, educated professionals to settle down in Canada in the upcoming years. Even if economic immigration to Canada is becoming quicker and more effective, it would be a good idea to visit now and see what the country has to offer.

You need a visiting visa, also known as a temporary resident visa or TRV, in order to enter the country unless you are from a nation that is free from visa requirements. The TRV will be a component of your application if you’re requesting a study permit or a work permit. You must, however, apply on your own for a tourist visa if all you intend to do is travel to Canada for a brief vacation.

Countries with whom Canada has agreements allowing its citizens and permanent residents to enter Canada without a visiting visa are known as visa-exempt countries:

I’m from a country that is not visa-exempt, what will I need to visit?

Single-entry and multiple-entry visitor visas are both available from Canada. Foreign nationals will be able to enter Canada just once with the single-entry visa. People with multiple-entry visas are allowed to enter and exit the country as frequently as they like while their visa is still in effect. For up to six months, a visiting visa may be issued. However, the immigration officer in charge of your case will determine how long the visa will be valid.

You can be eligible for the super visa for parents and grandparents if you have children or grandchildren who reside in Canada. You may stay in the nation for up to two years at a time with this multiple-entry visa, allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones.

If your temporary status is still valid, you can choose to extend your guest visa from within Canada. Future immigration petitions may be at risk if a person stays in Canada after their guest visa has expired and no extension application is pending. You may stay in Canada with implied status while the application is being processed if you submitted the extension application before the expiration of your visa.

What will I need to visit if my nation doesn’t require a visa?

Visitors from nations without visa requirements do not need a visiting visa to enter Canada. Visitors who do not need a visa can stay in Canada for up to six months.

When flying to Canada from a nation where visas are not required, you must have an electronic travel authorization (eTA) issued by the Canadian government. An eTA is not required for visitors entering Canada without a visa through land or water.

Thankfully, eTA applications are quick and reasonably priced. By accessing the Canadian government website, providing the necessary data, and paying the $7 CAD government charge, you may obtain an eTA. It is better to apply ahead of time for an eTA because most of the time it only takes a few minutes, however occasionally it might take many days. An eTA is only good for five years if it is authorized, or until your passport expires.


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